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Who are we?

A bearded dragon sanctuary in Grand Forks County North Dakota

We have big hearts that want to give all beardies the best at the end of the day.

We take in all types of beardies meaning we will take bad health, picky eaters, biters, horrible social skills and spend the time needed with each. We take pride with our "meanies" and metabolic bone disease ((MBD))

Beardies with bad health go to the vet here in Grand Forks and Fargo.

We cut all of our own greens, and farm all of our own worms and roaches

The beardies only get the best for we want them to live out their days feeling like they are number one.
None of the beardies that we take in are ever used for breeding. We don't profit and want what is only best for the dragon.

You can find us on social media!

It is always free to surrender your reptile to us.

We do pay for your surrender bearded dragon to us
Our rates are as follows
$35.00 -- For the beardie ((lizard)) on it's own
$60.00 For the Beardied and the tank. ((Sometimes we might be able to work out a different deal))
We even take them in for free.

You can even ask us anytime about questions on your beardie that you want to keep. We love to answer all questions and want what is best.

We travel up to 250 plus miles to pick up any bearded dragon. Do let us know your location for we can get travel plans set up in advance.

We also take in more than just Bearded Dragons!
Just Ask!

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